Credit score is imperative for buying a home, taking out a loan, or simply applying for a new expense account. But, if you do not have the best score, there are a few things you can do, which will not only help to increase it, but do so in a short period of time as well. So, whether you go to a licensed moneylender to take out a cash loan, or you choose to take the route of paying down the cards you currently owe, there are several things you should do in order to help see that much needed boost to your score. Credit Bureau of Singapore determines your loan eligibility as well. So here are a few of the ways in which you can begin to raise your score, so you can get the loans you hope for in the near future.

Consolidate it

If you have various open credit cards, loans, and other expenses, make them one. Take out a consolidation loan; in this manner you can reduce the total you are going to be paying on a month to month basis, and you are also going to lessen the total owed. With this type of loan, your creditors are going to accept less than you owe; so, this means if you owe $4500, the lenders may accept $3500; in turn, you pay less, and you pay only one payment each month, to your conslidator, as opposed to paying each creditor you owe. If you have various open accounts or credit cards, this is a great approach for you to take in order to see that score raise, and to see your total debt amount go down in a much shorter period of time than it otherwise might.

Close them

If you have several cards which are open you don’t use, try to close one or two out. Doing this is going to lessen the chance that you will make an impulse buy and purchase something you do not need; it is obviously going to decrease your utilization as well. So, you will see the credit rating and score go up, you are going to see you have less in use, and you are going to be less inclined to go out and make the purchase you really do not need to make, when you do not have the open line of credit to make a purchase with as a debtor who is trying to raise their score and lower their debt amount.

Spread out your inquiries

If you have inquired about a new credit card in the recent past, wait a while to apply for more. The more time you wait in between opening or applying for new lines of credit, the less of a hit your credit score is going to take. The credit agencies do not want you to have various open lines of credit, especially when you are not able to pay the ones you already owe. So, if you are continually applying for new loans or line of credit, this is going to cause your score to see a dip. And, if you wait, even if you are a responsible buyer and borrower, this is a great way to ensure your score is not only going to raise, but is going to remain steady in the event you do open up a new account and do open a new spending line. Open up your choices with various licensed moneylender.

Pay it (on time)

One of the easiest ways to see the credit score go up right away is to make your minimum payments and to make them on time. Even if you are only a couple days late, your score is going to take a ding for it, it shows the credit agencies you are not a responsible buyer and customer. So, rather than run this risk, you are going to find that when you pay on time, even early if you can do so each month, your score is going to go up right away. Especially if you had been making late payments on the accounts you owe and have open. So, take your time, know who you owe, and make sure you add it to your calendar to make the payments you owe in a timely fashion to the creditors you have an open account with.

Do not default

If you run into an issue you are going to miss or make a late payment, let your creditor know; not only does this show your responsibility, it also informs them not to notify the credit reporting agencies out there. And, if you ever get into a situation where you know you are going to default, are not going to be able to make your payments for a few months, or are going to have a hard time otherwise in dealing with your debt, talk to your creditors. So many people default, that if you show you are willing to work with them, and you are going to be responsible even if you pay less than you owe each month or pay the payments a bit late each month, many creditors out there are going to be willing to work with you in these situations. So, do not simply default or not make a payment; it is worth at least calling the people you owe, and talking about the options they might provide you with.

You want to have your score go up and you want it to do so in a very short period of time. It took quite some time for you to drag it down so you are going to have to be a bit patient in your trying to increase it again, but if you take the right steps and you are responsible as a borrower, it is something that you can do over time. These are a few of the tips for those who are not the best borrower, or who have a checkered past with creditors, who are simply trying to turn things around, and are attempting to see their score go up in a short period of time with the credit agencies.