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    The interest rates are making it harder to swallow Bak Kut Teh at dinner time. You go through your day with a burden of getting one phone call. This is not a phone call from your mother in law, but rather from her fellow headache inducing sidekick- The debt collector.

    Singapore is patriotic both in culture and apparently, in our debt. The moneylender in Singapore is facing seriously tough times due to the countries %112 % debt. This influences interest rates greatly for the public. We do not borrow outside of our country, but this is costing us more than it is saving us face globally. The money you borrow is invested in the CPF (Central Provident Fund). This pension fund is more of an investment than it is a debt, the downside is that the average person with bills suffers a great deal before they even get their severance package

    What Do Snowflakes Have To Do With Taking care of Bills

    The snowflake method, much like greatness- is a series of small repetitive tasks done consistently over time to achieve a big goal. Debt can creep up on you whilst you are still getting your feet wet in enjoying the luxury or convenience the leased item provides you. Once it sets in, it can get overwhelming -causing a panic that makes a person make irrational decisions, like relocating, changing their phone numbers or worse- borrowing more money to pay off the current debt. People really do go to extremes just to escape the stronghold debt has on them. I know a friend of mine in more turbulent times than most, who don’t answer private numbers no matter what. Apprehensive and anti-social is what debt has made of him.

    Micro-Payments Make The Big Difference To Your Instalments

    There are plenty of ways to pay off your debt, ranging from attacking the outstanding balance with large chunks of payments at once, to carry over into the next month’s installment- called snowballing. This is great when you have a salary that doesn’t have many responsibilities weighing on it. Debt has to be chopped down into smaller manageable pieces for some people. This method is very effective on a psychological level, the constant savings or money collected on a daily basis that goes to the debt- is like a worker ant preparing for winter. Each and every small piece of profit is aimed at creating a stack of bills and coins to make the feat attainable. Easy gets it done, the end result is not believing how far you have come- instead of being overwhelmed to the point of defeat on how far you still have to go.

    How To Come Up With Extra Money When You Are Running Low

    Now that you know what the snow-flaking method is, how on God’s green earth do you come up with the money to do it?

    You can go from drastic to sane and moderate efforts given the severity of your debt. The best way is to find cash opportunities throughout your day. Before you scratch your head or even begin rubbing your chin- adding unnecessary stress and aging to your pile of problems, I have saved you the time by being a fellow debt-ridden comrade myself. How I got out of it was a bit on the extreme side- my solution involved a lot of creativity and somewhat shunning society so that I can get this done. After all this struggle- I can genuinely say I enjoy my money without dreading a phone call from licensed money lenders in Singapore.

    Life Would Be Simpler If I went Shopping At Bugis Junction Instead of ION Orchard

    Much simpler! I ended up owing about $3200 between Adidas and Timberland. Here is how I got out:

    1. The guilt and remorse for myself that kept me from looking at bills was the first to go. I stopped being avoidant(which is what got me here in the first place)and looked at my exact amount of the bill I owed. It was a mental relief to face it, I also figured out how much money I owed.
    2. Now that I knew, I could calculate how much I needed to have to get my snow-flaking started. After some simple calculation, I figured out that I just needed an estimate of about $30 a day to make it happen. The hard part was that I needed this $30 consistently.
    3. So off I went on the mental journey of how to do this, It’s amazing how many ideas I had for some with a serious shortage of money. I came up with an idea that I would have to help people to get extra side money.

    This was a list of actions that consisted of.

    What I did To Keep The Debt-Collector Off My Caller ID

    *Online suggestions are to find a skill or use the one you have to make money on your free time- you can use your’s to fill in your daily cash quotas and free hours. My only skill so far was apparently owing large sums of money. I opted for doing surveys online, I would get surveys that made me at least five dollars a day online for 30 minute-40 minutes of work. I knew this was not enough. So I did the next best thing while mindlessly doing these.

    *While at work on lunch I started out small- I started selling food – as the only place to get food is a long walk down the road from where our office space is located (I won’t tell you where- just in case I owe you money too). It was easy to charm the staff into buying food from me during lunch in my mini-stall just across the building. Now and then a random stranger would stop by and buy from me. I didn’t go too big, just using the money I scraped up to buy a few snacks and convenient provisions. Kaya toast was fastest to prepare

    I came out strong at the end, now I understand that this was an opportunity to triumph through troubled waters. I certainly know you will find your way through it faster than I did. Just to keep you on the same page, here’s a reminder:- you can either sell a service to escape this hold, get a helping hand from a friend or be the service yourself. You are going to have to be resourceful to escape the clutches of financial trouble. Here’s to being debt-free!