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    Personal Loan - Fast Approval & Low Interest Rates

    Our personal loan is crafted for those who may find themselves struggling to obtain financing through traditional banks. Whether faced with unexpected expenses or simply needing a more accessible option, Credit Hub offers flexible terms and fair rates to help you secure the financial support you require.
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    Get Your Personal Loan in 24 Hours

    Perfect for periods of high cash expenditure, our personal loan offers a lifeline when options may seem limited. With flexible terms, fair interest rates, and an application process that's both quick and easy, we provide a valuable alternative to secure the money you need in just 24 hours.

    up to SGD$300,000

    12-18 months


    1 day

    Monthly Repayment Loan Calculator

    Calculate the estimate monthly repayment amount for your desired loan.

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    Your Monthly Repayment is:

    $ 3,406.67
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    *This calculator is just an estimate only. Send an enquiry to get specific quotes. No obligations!


    Why choose Us for Personal Loans?

    • Licensed by MAS for legal personal loans
    • No collateral needed
    • Lesser documents required
    • Shorter waiting time with minimal credit checks
    • Convenient and flexibility on the end-use of the loan amount

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    Credit Hub Capital
    values your personal discretion

    Credit Hub Capital values the personal discretion that everyone wants.

    Local banks often require a borrower to furnish a reason for the loan with supporting documents to validate that the loaned amount is indeed used to pay off the expense declared as the official reason (such as renovation, housing payment). Constrastingly, we do not intrude on our borrowers’ privacy by asking what the money is being used for.

    In addition, as licensed money lender, Credit Hub Capital offers one of the lowest interest rates for a personal loan in Singapore.

    Flexible repayment scheme

    Our flexible repayment scheme allows our clients to repay their personal loan at comfortable days of the month. Repayment can be done promptly with these simple steps.

    • Identify your desired loan repayment amount.
    • Choose your repayment scheme.
    • Repay the amount accordingly with the charges stated in the contract to the scheme

    Requirements For Fast Personal Loan


    Documents needed for personal loans

    To expedite the process and receive your personal loan in the quickest possible time frame, we strongly recommend that you provide us with the necessary relevant documents.

    • NRIC / Employment Pass / Work Permit
    • Latest 3 months payslip / CPF contributions

    Applicants eligible for a personal loan

    Borrowers that are to meet these requirements are eligible to take out a cash loan from us

    • Aged of 21 and above
    • Singapore citizen / Permanent Resident / foreign worker with valid working permit
    • Under full time employment

    What To Expect When Taking A Personal Loan

    Our process for applying personal loans are simplified into 3 steps:

    Online application

    Our loan consultants will contact you to follow up on the documentation.

    Drop by our premise to collect the loan.

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    FAQs About Taking Personal Loans from Moneylenders

    You can loan any amount if you wish to take out a secured loan. However, there are specific conditions for unsecured loans such as the following:

    • For less than $20,000 annual income, you can borrow up to $3,000.
    • For $20,000 – $29,999 annual income, you can borrow up to 2 months’ worth of your income.
    • For $30,000 – 119,999, you can borrow up to 4 months’ worth of income.
    • For $120,000 (or higher) annual income, you can borrow any amount you need.

    Banks generally offer more favorable interest rates but have stricter requirements and longer processing times, while licensed moneylenders are more accessible, particularly to those with less-than-perfect credit, but might charge higher interest rates. The choice between the two will often depend on the individual's financial situation, the urgency of the need, and personal preferences.

    If an individual can provide evidence of a reasonable income, they may still be able to obtain a loan from a moneylender. Though licensed moneylenders tend to be more lenient with credit scores, the decision to grant a loan ultimately rests with the moneylender's discretion.

    At Credit Hub Capital, the loan amount and approval depends on the clients’ situations. Speak to our consultants and we’ll be glad to help.

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