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You may consider a Car rental instead of buying a car in Singapore

2017-12-11T17:47:25+08:00June 7th, 2017|Buying a Car, Car Downpayment, Car Rental|

There are many things that make Singapore the best place to rent a car. This small country is well known for its expensiveness when it comes to owning a car. To control the traffic on its limited spans of roads, the Govt. has resorted to imposing heavy taxes on vehicle prices in the form of monetary implications such as (COE) Certificate of Entitlement, ARF (Additional Registration Fee), GST (Goods & Service Tax) and Customs Duty. Also, MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) has implemented loan curb rules that have made it mandatory for car purchasers to accomplish a bulky down payment of 40% to 50% of the OMV of the vehicle. Thus in the present scenario, renting a car in Singapore is the best alternative to fulfill your conveyance related needs.

Car rental industry is quite developed in this country and customers can benefit from a vast range of available deals from short-term car rental to monthly car hire Singapore. In simple terms, the longer you book, the more discounts you get. Other attractive features that you can expect with the car rental in Singapore are online booking discount, delivery in any part of the country, acceptance of credit card payments and no GST.

The island nation presents a vibrant overall atmosphere with its skyscrapers and modern subways. It is a great shopping and holidaying destination with its vivid nightlife and ecstatically customised arenas for foodie’s delight, and hiring a car is the best way to luxuriate in all the excitements. Singapore has evolved itself as a great stopover for international tourists with its all around development and presenting tourist spots with augmented facilities and attractions. Getting a cheap car rental in Singapore to visit various entertainment options spread across the island nation is a good idea to save time and manage your activities in an efficient and luxurious manner.

Almost all the major tourist spots are accessible by road. You can find some hotspots such as world famous resorts and restaurants located in different zones of the Lion City. Whether you were planning a day out at Sentosa Islands or Marina Bay or up on your heels for a shopping spree at Mustafa Centre, Bugis Street or Lucky Plaza, with a short term car rental Singapore, you can do whatever you want, that too with maximum ease and comfort. This is a much better solution as compared to buying a first or second hand car as not all Singaporeans would be able to make the full payment or have no issues making the monthly loan repayment for the car. The initial Car downpayment fee would be a struggle for some too.

The best thing about Singapore car rental is that you can always find the deal you are looking for. With a large number of car rental companies spread across the country, it’s the customers who gain maximum. As a matter of fact, you can always look for discounts on various kinds of rentals whether daily, weekly, weekend, weekdays or monthly.

The car rental industry of Singapore caters to the needs of all kinds of customers, and you can find all kinds of vehicles from small cabs to luxurious limousines waiting for you in the fleet area of the rental companies. You also have varied rental options; whether you are interested in chauffeur driven cars or want to drive on your own; there is a deal for you. Also, the rates are quite affordable and less expensive in comparison to other popular destinations of the world. Thus, hiring a car in Singapore is the best way to get the most of it on your next visit.

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