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    If you find yourself struggling to manage your money then it’s very likely that you haven’t created a budget for your monthly or annual expenses (or you don’t follow your own budget). The first step to managing your finances is to determine your current spending habits so you can identify any excessive spending and make adjustments that will help you save more.

    When living in one of the most expensive cities in the world, the pressure to spend money causes frustration to a large number of people – but the good news is you can find ways to minimize spending without compromising on your quality of life. If your current lifestyle is causing financial trouble, you can make a few financial adjustments before you start searching for a money lender in Singapore.

    Follow our proven guide to implement a new financial plan

    1. Write down a detailed spending plan (and stick to it)

      The chances of living successfully without a plan are slim-to-none. This concept applies to every area of your life; including your finances. When you find that your spending habits are causing you to lose track of your finances, then you’re a good candidate for a financial budgeting plan. Since you don’t have a solid background in financial planning, the best thing would be to search the internet for budgeting plans and find one that works for you.

      You may have to make adjustments to an existing plan (this is fine as long as you keep expenses at a bare minimum). The point of designing a budgeting plan is that it helps you save money, track expenses, and eliminate debt. Without this systematic approach, it would be far more challenging to attain financial stability and to live debt-free. If you ever need emergency money, you may consider money lender in Singapore as an alternative.

    2. When eating out, try outdoor food centers

      For people who don’t like to cook, the major restaurants might be out of reach when living on a tight budget; but you have the option of buying cheap food from food hawkers all over the city. If you visit Chinatown in Singapore you will come across all kinds of healthy food (including rice and chicken) for a very affordable price.

      Another good reason for eating at these outdoor food centers is that they offer a wide variety of local cuisines at competitive prices. If not sure where to start, you can try Maxwell Food Center, where you can get the cheapest quality food in Chinatown.

    3. Shop at street markets and budget-friendly malls

      If you like to dress well, you can still look good even on a tight budget. Creativity and imagination can go a long way towards making you look fabulous. Instead of purchasing new clothes each season, you can cultivate your own style and purchase clothes year-round without overspending.

      The weather in Singapore is mostly hot and humid; so you need plenty of denims and casual t-shirts in your closet. Visit Orchard Road to find cheap malls that sell all kinds of clothing for affordable prices. Also, check out Bugis Street, China Town, Marina Bay, Haji Lane, and Holland Village for more options. Far East Asia also has a lot of cheap malls and food.

    4. Learn to accessorize instead of buying new outfits

      Try new ways to wear your clothes and focus on using accessories to make each outfit stand out. You can find cheap watches, headbands, and jewelry at any of the stores on Mustafa Center or the other malls mentioned here. Remember, imagination is crucial here, so play around with different outfits to see what looks good.

    5. Use the public transport system

      Singapore’s public transport system is reliable and effecient. You have the option of using the train (MRT) or taking a bus to most places; however the train is perhaps the fastest way to get through the city. The rail system moves around 2 million passengers every day and the buses are used to complement the transport system by moving commuters around different parts of the city.

      If you use the MRT as your main mode of transport, then we recommend you purchase an EZ link card. The card is meant to speed up movement through the different station entrances, and it’s cost effective in the long run.

    6. Find places to relax and enjoy nature

      Do you find yourself spending money when idle? A lot of people do, and this can cause a strain your budget. Instead of spending cash, go out and enjoy the outdoors. Singapore has plenty of beautiful parks that offer scenic views and they’re accessible by train, bus, or taxi. One good place to start is Sentosa, where you will have a 360-degree view of iconic landmarks including Mt. Faber, Universal Studios, and Resorts World.

      You can also take long walks along the river from Raffles Place to Merlion Park and enjoy the beautiful scenery including Museums, Helix bridge, and Hotels that offer rest stops along the walking trail.

    7. When bored, find meetup groups in your area

      You can meet new people and have plenty of fun without spending any money. Go online and search for groups that share your interests, and make sure you don’t end up overspending. If you don’t know where to start, perhaps look for art meetings, music groups, or sports-related groups in your area. This is a good ways to meet new people and learn new things.

    Use these tips to create a new and affordable lifestyle that will help you save more money and improve your quality of life.