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    Most people virtualize the cumbersome price tags at grocery and whole food stores whenever the issues of eating good food, staying healthy and keeping fit are discussed. To the average man on the street – eating and staying healthy on a budget is virtually impossible.

    But that impression is wrong.

    Staying healthy and looking fit doesn’t have to be that expensive, if you can have little ingenuity and a workable plan in place. More so, this is the right time for everybody to stay on budget because of the new SG Budget 2018. Rising GST from 7% to 9%, rising water price by 30% in July 2018, rising Changi airport levy to fund expansion, constantly SMRT transportation fees increment, ever-increasing grocery and even medical bills in Singapore – but if you’re in a financial fix, you can search for licensed money lender in Singapore.

    Though, individuals trying to raise families may think that the issue of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit is extremely expensive. But it will be easier and achievable if they can be disciplined in their expenses, and follow the practical and result
    oriented tips shared in this article (categorized into getting fit, eating healthy and ways to avoid expensive shopping)

    Cut the gym expenses and walk to fitness

    For those who can’t afford to purchase home exercise equipment or the expensive gym membership, then, you need to spend twenty to fifty minutes at a minimum of three to four times participating in walking sessions.

    Walking has numerous benefits but it been neglected by most people in our society – it helps to strengthen the muscles and the bones, its important for those that want to lose weight; it improves a person’s coordination and balance. Additionally, it helps in managing different health conditions like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. To achieve faster results, you need to:

    • Start slowly and increase your walking duration to 40 – 60 minutes
    • Warm-up after the regular walking
    • Walk faster and increase the period to burn fat and increase your heart rate

    If you don’t have the time to invest in walking sessions as recommended, you can try out Gymmboxx; it’s one of the cheapest franchise in Singapore at the moment.

    Take advantage of the free online resources

    You can quickly get your blood pumping by participating in free, high-quality programs on the web. Most of the programs are dedicated to teaching you secrets fitness, weight loss, beauty, food and healthy living. One interesting thing about some web fitness programs is the fact that they are entirely free.

    So you stay in the comfort of your room to try out fitness challenges online, do push-ups, and watch Youtube fitness channels with
    experienced instructors and quality lessons. You can also download a fitness app that will guide you through.

    Plan out your menus

    You need to make a detailed list of the necessary needs of your family and do a proper cost estimation. Most financially prudent wife make their monthly budgets which also includes miscellaneous expenditure. We spend so much on unnecessary things because we see this simple activity as a lot of work or if we give the excuse of not having enough time for home budget or planning.

    If you don’t have a home budget, chances are you will be spending spontaneously by having quick jaunts to the grocery stores and ending up buying what we don’t need – and gradually, you will spend more than your income and get frustrated before the end of the month.

    Look for healthy recipes and cut junk foods

    There’s a lot of healthy recipes that look interesting which you’ve not tried out on the internet. They are tasty, inviting and fulfilling. Trying out new things helps strengthen our emotions and reactivates our relationships. This is not as hard as you think because the online videos are self-explanatory and you will be simply amazed on what you can prepare.

    The secret to preparing interesting recipes is using what you have. Therefore, you need to take stock of the available veggies, fruits and other foodstuffs in your refrigerator and kitchen. Then design your daily to weekly menus based on the planned recipes that will be enjoyable to everybody in your family.

    You need to cut some useless small treats you get from the fast food and rather use the money to stock up stables in your kitchen; things like pasta, flour, beans, rice and others comes handy for family consumption.

    Adopt the following shopping secrets

    There are strategies for buying things cheaper which is unknown to the people with a large purse. Firstly, you need to get active and stop buying from online groceries(without coupons) because from every indication; they are more costly.

    • Only use the internet to print out coupons and check out grocery ads for promotions, seasonal deals like Christmas, Valentine or double coupon days.
    • Buy fresh fruits and vegetables rather than pre-packaged foods like cookies, frozen meals, chips, etc.
    • Stop the practice of going to the groceries with other members of your family – especially the children; though it is exciting and lovely, you may end up spending more than you budgeted. To avoid impulse buying, you need to eat and get satisfied before going shopping.

    Increase protein intake and water

    The United States Department of Agriculture recommended four servings of beans for individuals and children. This recommendation was because beans have a lot of protein and they come in some varieties. The suggestion is not restricted to only those in the US; rather, anybody can take advantage of the information to substitute lean meat with beans and also increase protein intake of members of his family.

    Keeping a bottle of water by the side will save you from a lot of expenses. Though it’s a norm for sweetened drinks to be in our refrigerators, they are not healthy. More water intake is a simple way to flush out toxins, boost the immune system and even increase energy.

    Lastly, prepare your weekly meals

    Most people work a typical Monday through Friday jobs and having less time within the week for cooking. Then, if this is the case, you need to adopt meal prepping –preferably on Sundays.

    It’s really fun watching TV shows, movies, Netflix and other interesting ones. However, it’s time to sacrifice part of the time for movies and get into the kitchen. Doing this might not be easy at the beginning, but trust us, it’s a worthwhile activity that is amazingly affordable and will help you stay healthy.

    You can see from the tips above that staying fit and healthy is not as hard as you think. Furthermore, our suggestions aren’t harsh on your wallet if only you can try them out – they will save you from mismanaging funds and searching for licensed money lenders in Singapore. You need to take itveasy, and within a short period, you’ll start saving more while staying healthy
    and having fun.