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    Money is considered to be a touchy subject to many and it would only offend people if it is being put across in a wrong way. This would be mean that you have to adopt a careful approach when you are on to this topic. Additional funds can be acquired almost anywhere, if you are lucky enough, you may take out from your close friends and families as a personal favour with no interest involved. Exhaust all efforts until there is no one to turn to before even considering the banks or other financial institutions.

    The thing is, wedding is a joyous occasion where many couples would look forward to, but at the same time, this whole event would be financially draining if proper prior arrangements and homework is not done properly. You do not want to find out that there are even cheaper wedding packages out there when you have already paid yours. Hence, as a couple you should do your prior research and make comparisons before coming to a consensus to a wedding package that would suit your needs and preferences.

    Incurring a debt even before marriage is definitely a no, but to some it is a once in a lifetime event and they want it to be done extravagantly. Hence, taking out a loan would not be such a bad idea as repayments can be done after the wedding. The difference would only be to go to the local banks to take out a personal loan? or a licensed money lender to take out a cash loan Singapore low interest. But the thing with banks are that since they would categorise this to be a personal loan, it would be harder as they are more strict in terms of eligibility and requirements when it comes to taking out a personal loan.

    Depending on your credit rating and monthly salary, there would be a cap when you are taking out a cash loan Singapore low interest. Not all financial institutions offer low interest rates for their loans. Some banks have a higher interest as they are a company and they deem that with their reputation and the security that they are able to offer, they are able to command a higher rate than others. No doubt that it is true, but we should not allow this to stop us from looking for a cash loan Singapore with a lower interest rate that will ultimately benefit us.

    There are a couple of Licensed Money lenders all around Singapore where you may have came across, simply search their company names up on Google and you will be able to gather information about them through their website or if there are any reviews pertaining to their service. These private loan lenders are licensed and legal to operate in the money lending industry. Some even offer lower interest rates in the market if you are able to locate them. You can arrange to make your repayments after your wedding or honeymoon so there will not be any added or unnecessary stress caused where you or your partner would not be able to enjoy your honeymoon vacation.

    You should include all your wedding costs and honeymoon trip into the loan amount and make some calculations before taking out any loans. Make plans a year before as a marriage is a big occasion where you do not want to cause any hiccups.