Going on vacation for honeymoon or family can be very draining to your finances. Hence we always plan ahead to make sure there’s enough before travelling. It’s important to always plan your budget and itenary to ensure every trip is the best vacation for you and your family.

If you want to spend less on your air ticket and hotel room, you must cleverly use the following simple ways to cut down on charges while at the same time retaining your comfort.

1. Browse various booking sites to identify those charging low prices

Apparently, few people currently purchase air tickets directly from the airlines. More Singaporeans are continually turning to flight booking sites for the best rates. As you adopt this great strategy, remember to search for tickets and accommodation deals with your browser in incognito mode. Additionally, always deny cookies to avoid sites deducing your preferred destinations. Most sites incorporate cookies with the aim of tracking the tickets that you are inclined to buy. On knowing the packages you are likely to settle for, the sites gradually increase their charges. If you forget to turn off cookies, you’ll have to contend with raised prices every time you search for booking sites. So, always clean your cache after completing your search.

2. Use the credit cards that accrue air miles

If you plan to travel overseas in the next 3-6 months, it is advisable to get the credit cards that will earn you air miles every time you buy products. The products need not have any connection with your travel arrangements; credits cards accrue miles when you buy foodstuff, groceries or even clothes. By the time your flight is due, you’ll have earned enough miles to get another free ticket, upgrade your initial one or even get a discount. Below are some of the credit cards you should consider

American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Credit Cards

  • Welcome bonus: 5.00 KrisFlyer miles
  • Sign Up Bonus: 3.000 KrisFlyer miles
  • Miles on Grab: 500 KrisFlier miles on your initial booking
  • You are entitled to 11 air miles every time you spend 1 Singapore dollar locally

ANZ Travel Visa Signature Card

  • Free 10,000 air miles on renewing your membership
  • Earn 1.4 air miles for every 1 Singapore dollar you spend locally

Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card

  • Get 53.000 miles when you apply for your card
  • Earn 1.4 air miles every time you spend 1 Singapore dollar locally

Citi PremierMiles Card

  • You are entitled to 10 Citi Miles whenever you spend 1 Singapore dollar online in travel expenses
  • Earn 15.000 miles when you apply for the card and pay fees for the first three months
  • You get 1.2 air miles for every 1 Singapore dollars you spend locally

DBS Altitude Visa Card

  • Get 1.2 air miles for every 1 Singapore dollars you spend locally.
  • 3 miles for each 1 Singapore dollars on certain online flight bookings and hotel transactions

3. Pay close attention to terms and conditions

Affordable packages and airline promotions are enticing, but if you do not read the fine prints carefully, they can, later on, turn into lures. Familiarize yourself with any limitations and the penalties you are expected to pay the event you fail to adhere to the rules. Many travelers end up spending more than they expected because they did not check the limitations on baggage measurements (weight and height) or for failing to book their luggage online. Note that the baggage charges are a lot less when you book it online in advance.

Additionally, find out if the ticket you are booking is refundable. Should you decide to cancel will the airline refund your money? The same goes with your accommodation booking. Some hotels require a down-payment. Inquire if the hotel refunds the same before you book the room.

4. Use booking apps like Dreamcheaper, booking.com when booking and researching for accommodation

Once you book your accommodation, utilize Dreamcheaper to search for a more affordable deal. Simply email your hotel room booking details to . The site will continually search the booking site, budget sites as well as hotel website for better deals and send you a notification. With your permission, Dreamcheaper will then cancel your previous reservation and make another on your behalf. It will then continue searching for an even cheaper deal.

5. Create an email address specifically for newsletters

Most people are irritated by many promotional emails popping up in their personal emails, yet they want to be on the lookout for affordable deals. If you are such a person, just create a new email address. Give the address to booking websites, airlines marketing, and other attractive deal sites so you can check them when you have time. Sort out the emails and mark the ones that you feel are helpful.