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    As parents, we love our children. We give them the best of everything that we can. Even at the risk of spoiling them silly. There is a desire to give the child the best that you can afford. Be it clothes, toys or education. Not many parents plan wisely for the financial future of their child.You are alive and well today, and able to earn money regularly to meet the needs of your children. God forbid if something was to occur to you, what would be the state of your children? Not only will they be devastated that their parent is no more, but they would suffer severe financial hardships as well the good news is that there are many money lender Singapore who are ready to step and assist.

    When you’re holding your little bundle of joy, remember that his or her future is also resting in your hands. You need to make sure that your child’s future is well planned for. Be it a good education or marriage; your child needs to be economically secure. So how exactly do you go about securing your child’s future? A child plan may be exactly what you’re looking for.

    But while you’re looking at children’s plans, you need to make sure that the plan suits what you have in mind, and can fit into your budget. The first thing to think about is your child’s need and the time frame when will be in need of money. For example, higher education may be in the late teens and early twenties. You need to look for a plan that matures around that time. But that’s not all you need to look at.

    You should also have a general idea about the amount that you will need. At this point, you will need to look at the rate of inflation and how much an amount might be worth in the future as well. After all, prices tend to go up, and education fees are no different. A sum that is enough today might not be enough tomorrow, make sure that you land on a safe large enough amount as maturity. Naturally, the time or the amount of investment will change according to the final maturity amount. Keep in mind that each plan has its own features. But one of the general things to look out for is whether the plans you’re looking at are self-funding. If you are no longer able to provide for your child, your child plan needs to allow the plan to continue when you can’t pay the required premium.

    Children plans that allow you to take out a partial amount are not to be missed out on. There may be times of emergency when you don’t have enough cash at hand, and you need to be able to have entrance to funds. It is at such times that the income-expense circle shouldn’t be disturbed. A plan which allows you to take money out partially can’t be ideal for such situations.

    You need to place the money back for it to grow, though. Look for a plan that allows you to move your investment from your current fund to another – so that you can protect yourself against any volatility in the market. Also, remember to look at whether there are any limitations to how many times or where you can move your investments.

    There is no guarantee of life. All of us feel immune to diseases for at least a couple of decades more in our thirties. What we don’t cater for is the unexpected. A healthy 30 years old can be dead in a car accident on the way to work. Don’t think it will happen to you? Why take a chance?Secure your Child’s Future today!Here’s a list of things that you can do. Do them all or pick a combination of what works best for you.

    Get Life Insurance

    While most of us have some sort of group policy at work, it is not enough for the child. It will help in the immediate transition though. So get a separate life insurance policy for your self. This should be payable as a monthly income to the family to help on a regular basis. There are options for paying the premium on a quarterly, annual or monthly basis.

    Get Education Policies

    Your child is going to need money at various stages in his or her education. At high school, graduation, and post graduation levels. Have separate policies that mature in the specific time frame that you will need the cash. These should be lump sum payments available for admissions and donations.

    Get Gold

    Buying gold was considered the wisest investment in the olden days. Even today it is a sound investment. While investing in physical gold may not be the greatest idea, considering how easily it can be robbed, get into gold funds. These are traded like regular mutual funds on the stock market. A great investment opportunity. Invest as much as you like when you have extra funds around.

    Get Mutual Funds

    The equity market always gives great returns in the long run. There are crashes when the market suffers, but if you invest in a SIP or Systematic Investment Policy, you will be immune to the daily ups and downs of the stock market. To safeguard, your investments, even more, invest in mutual funds that have performed well over the last five years and tend to invest in blue-chip companies. Invest a fixed amount every month.

    Get a PPF

    A Public Provident Fund in the name of the child is a great idea to save money. You need to invest a bare minimum on a yearly basis, and when you have extra money, you can park it there. The temptation to spend must be avoided at all costs. Even if it is something luxurious for the child. Earmark it as education money. Invest a fixed amount every year.


    All in all, an ideal financial plan does not focus on one angle or product exclusively. One should not look at just one aspect of the planning. It involves looking at all areas of planning, putting them together in perspective and finally the careful consideration when making financial decisions.