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    Every woman dreams of having a perfect wedding. Aside from finding an amazing husband-to-be, women have their concept of a dream wedding – from the motif, their bouquet, the music, and wedding cake. Everything needs to be flawless, and the last thing they want is to experience headaches before, during, and even after the event.

    But on a practical sense, your wedding day is merely a party or a celebration of your love for each other. It is not a performance or a show, and what matters most is that after the event, you still find yourself right next to the person you love and cherish the most.

    Yet, there’s nothing wrong with making your fantasy wedding come true. In fact, even if you are on a limited budget, you can still turn your dreams into life as long as you do some research, careful planning, and practical techniques on how you to celebrate this important day without breaking the bank.

    Considering the rising expenses people experience in Singapore, this guide on how to plan for your wedding should be helpful for you. Budgeting carefully will also spare you from having to take out a loan from a moneylender in Singapore to pay for all of your expenses for this occasion.

    Check out this breakdown of common expenses during a wedding in Singapore.

    Common expenses during a wedding

    1. Engagement Ring

      Gentlemen, listen up – your bride-to-be is expecting you to put a ring on it, so an engagement ring is the first thing you need to think about if you want to get married. The typical cost of an engagement ring is about $2,000, but you can go higher or lower than that, and this figure is merely the average price.

    2. Pre-Wedding Photography

      Some couples get married even without having their pre-nup photos or videos taken. But if you decide to get one, the price tag for a pre-wedding photo and video package should be about $2,000.

    3. Bridal Package

      If you want to spare yourself from having to worry about the money you will spend on the bride’s gown and the groom’s suit, along with make-up and bridal car, then you may go for a package. Set aside at least $2,500 to as much as $5,000 for this.

    4. Videographer and Photographer

      Memories are saved in photos and videos, this is why you want to hire professionals for your wedding day. The reasonable cost should be about $3,000 to $4,000. You may also want to shop around and consider friends or relatives who are professional and experienced photographers whom you can hire for this event. This should save you a few bucks without compromising the quality of photos.

    5. Wedding Band

      When it comes to a wedding ring, the price may vary between $500 and $4,000. But to get the average, it would be safe to assume that it could cost about $2,000.

    6. Wedding Banquet

      A 5-star hotel’s typical extravagant weekend dinner may be what you’ve been eyeing, but a set menu may be a shocker for you at around $1,500 per table. Thus, 30 tables should be at least $45,000. At the end of the day, receiving a $100 red packet from each guest would mean recouping your $30,000, so it’s as though the wedding feast only cost you $15,000.

    7. Honeymoon

      Depending on where you and your spouse want to go for your honeymoon, you may allot about $5,000 to $10,000. The latter is for a European trip while the cheaper option is to visit a nearby Asian country.

    8. Miscellaneous Expenses

      The following items are the different expenses to think about for your wedding, so you can determine the total cost you will have to pay.

      • Engagement ring ………………….. $2,000
      • Pre-wedding photography …….. $2,000
      • Bridal package ……………………… $4,000
      • Photographer/ videographer …. $3,000
      • Wedding band ……………………… $4,000
      • Wedding banquet …………………. $40,000
      • Honeymoon …………………………. $10,000
      • Lunch catering ……………………… $1,000
      • Emcee and Coordinator …………. $176
      • Bridesmaid/Groomsmen dress .. $400
      • Red packets for Bridesmaid/ Groomsmen $1,000
      • Bridal car ……………………………… $500
      • Bouquet and corsages ……………. $150
      • Gatecrash red packets ……………. $500

      Total : $68,726

      Of course, you can still recoup some of your expenses from the red packets your guests give you. If there are 300 guests at the party and $100 per red packet given to you by each person, then you are your spouse will receive at least $15,000 each. Keep in mind, though, that the prices indicated above are just estimated costs, and the actual amount depends largely on your budget.

    How to Save Money on Your Wedding Day

    Your wedding party is merely a reflection of your specific idea on what you have always wanted perhaps even before you met your spouse. But if you could save on your wedding expenses, then it should be something worth looking into since you don’t want to walk away empty handed once the ceremony is over, right?

    The following are some tips to consider that can help you minimise your expenses without sacrificing your ideas of a perfect wedding.

    1. Learn to prioritize.

      Initially, you an your partner will have to sit down and discuss what you priorities are for your wedding. Come up with a top 5 list of what you both think are important for your wedding, so you know where your money is going to before the event starts. For instance, both of you may consider the reception, wedding gown and suit, music, photographer, and catering as the most important ones. Then, you can just tighten your budget a bit for the other less important areas.

    2. Limit your guest list.

      Sometimes, couples feel as though they are forced to invite hundreds of people to their wedding because they are afraid of disappointing anybody. Never think of it this way and always consider your budget instead of trying to please all people. Always remember that the difference between 150 guests and 400 is quite HUGE. Prioritize your family members and close friends, and you can just decide whether you will invite people not close to you or not.

    3. Cuisine expenses.

      The food you serve for your wedding party may be the major expense. This is why it may be practical to go for a buffet or opt for a high tea. Luncheon or brunch is also much cheaper than a multi-course meal. Study the costs and try your best to find a way to make it fit your budget without compromising the quality of dishes.

    4. Think about the location.

      In terms of a location for your wedding party, there are numerous options to think about. If you want something truly luxurious, then a 5-star hotel is your best bet. But if you want something low-key, you may go for national parks, the beach, or even the backyard of a family member (supposing there is ample space for your guests). Getting married during the off-season and avoiding a Saturday are other practical ideas to help you cut down your expenses for this important day in your life.

    5. Flowers and decor add to your expenses.

      A cheap way to celebrate your wedding is at a location where no decor is necessary because it already looks great as it is. However, if it is not possible to make it happen, then you may want to go for a place where minimal decor should suffice. These places include an art museum, a garden, park, or a home that is elegantly furnished. In case these are not possible, you can always limit your expenses by doing the decorations and flowers on your own. Friends and family members you are decorating experts can also help you keep your costs to a minimum.

    6. Plan for the entertainment or music.

      There are couples who want to have a band for their party while others are fine with a DJ. If you want to hit two birds with one stone and get both an emcee and DJ all in one person, then just hire a talented DJ for your event. There is also the option to consider bands made up of talented musicians still in High School or a child violin prodigy who can get everyone drying their tears after every performance.

    By applying these smart and effective tips, you may no longer have to worry about your wedding expenses. These techniques can surely prepare you for this event and lead you to a truly memorable wedding you have always wanted to have. Otherwise, you can always fall back on instant cash loan for wedding to aid you in creating a wonderful wedding for you and your beloved partner. After all, wedding is just once in a lifetime.

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